Palmer Fire School
East Seventh Street, Charlotte, N.C.

Historic Preservation does not try to prevent change.  It seeks to manage change.  A variety of strategies are available.  Sometimes the best solution is to allow sensitive infill, thereby attracting private investment.  That was what happened with the Palmer Fire School.  The building was scheduled to be demolished.  The Commission acquired the property and distributed a request for proposals to developers.  It worked.  Note the compatible massing and height of the infill building. Note the continuation of the dominance of the fire tower. Note the incorporation of compatible features in the infill building.  The property is now used for offices and is protected by preservation deed covenants.


Dr. Dan L. Morrill
139 Middleton Drive
Charlotte, N.C. 28207
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R. J. Reynolds High School - 1956
Wake Forest University - 1960 (B.A.)
Emory University -  1961 (M.A.)
Emory University - 1966  (Ph.D.)
Professor Emeritus of History UNCC
Director, Charlotte-Mecklenburg 
                  Historic Landmarks